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Recently refurbished

Quality, style, elegance, warmth, peace and tranquillity. A caring hotel, inspired by you, to make sure that you experience an unforgettable stay.

After fully refurbishing our hotel in 2013, we now have a 4 star rating. During this refurbishment, we carefully supervised every little detail, to successfully create some exceedingly well-appointed rooms, striving to provide our guests with all the comfort and convenience that they expect and deserve. Our hotel has specifically been designed to make our guests feel at home; that’s why they come back time and time again, and also rate us highly and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

Within the hospitality industry in Navarra, our hotel has a long, outstanding history. Whether you’ve chosen to stay for reasons of business, family or leisure, congress tourism, during your pilgrimage along the Way of St James, or for the San Fermin festivities in July…. this is your home.

A family inspired business

Carlos Maisonnave, of French parentage, was born in 1850, He started out in the hospitality industry thanks to his wife, Francisca Echeverría, who ran a popular inn on the outskirts of Pamplona, in the town of Villava.

In 1912, the Maisonnave family inn, centrally located in the street of Espoz y Mina, and dedicated to providing food and accommodation to travellers since 1883, became a hotel. Thirty-three years’ later, the Alemán brothers, a family of farmers originating from the village of Urroz in Navarra, bought the Maisonnave for 600,000 pesetas. Two surnames, Maisonnave and Alemán, are linked by history to a century-old hotel. A hotel characterised by the very nature of both families: personal service; dedication to business; and ongoing effort.

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A history marked by its own distinctive character

The sixties witnessed a considerable growth of the tourist industry in Navarra. In 1966, the Hotel Maisonnave moved to the Calle Nueva street. At that time it offered 166 guest rooms, two dining rooms and a function room for banquets, thereby becoming a leading hotel and point of reference, a hotel that was constantly growing, right in the heart of the city.

At the end of the eighties, the second generation of the Alemán family undertook the first of the three most important refurbishment works to be carried out in the hotel over the last few decades and which have made the hotel what it is today. As a result of this renovation, which was completed in 2013, the hotel now has a four-star rating, marking the start of a new stage. A stage in which we are committed to making a lasting impression on our guests, through innovation, quality, haute cuisine and exquisite customer service.